personal injury law

Personal injury is an expansive branch of law. In light of this fact, many claims are associated with personal injury law. As the name suggests, personal injury claims are legal suits where a party is injured, either accidentally or intentionally. That said, here are some everyday claims that are best handled by personal injury lawyers.

Motor Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents injure millions every year and kill in equal measure. Ideally, motor accidents involve trucks, cars, motorbikes, bike riders, and pedestrians. If you are injured in a motor accident, you might be entitled to some compensation for injuries and losses resulting from the accident.

Workplace Accident

When injured at work or killed while at work, you might be expected to take personal responsibility, thus not dragging your employer to court for your ‘neglegence’. However, employees are usually covered under the Worker’s Compensation, which provides compensation to injured workers. Some common workplace accident settlements include medical treatment, temporary disability, and lump-sum payments

Premises Liability

slip accident

Premises liability are essentially accidents that result from defects associated with someone’s injury. These types of injuries occur everywhere, from individual homes to all manner of commercial establishments. Many conditions or situations can result in personal injury claims. They include tripping over an obstacle, slipping while walking on a slippery surface, and falling over the stairway because of a missing handrail. After such incidents, you must document the dangerous conditions. And a personal injury lawyer is best placed to guide you through the entire legal process.

Medical Malpractice

Negligence from medical practitioners often results in serious injuries or even death. Medical malpractice claims range from improper treatment, misdiagnosis to surgical errors. Medical malpractice claims are usually quite complex and often require a medical malpractice attorney, who are essentially specialized personal injury lawyers. Therefore, if you think that you might be suffering because of a doctor’s negligence, your best bet is undoubtedly a medical malpractice attorney.

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